Word Master: Alfred Butts and the Story of Scrabble

Co-Producer, Cinematographer

Word Master: Alfred Butts and the Story of Scrabble is the definitive historical documentary about the life of Alfred Butts and his ingenious creation. Invented during the Great Depression, the film explores the circumstances of Butts’ life that motivated him to create a word game on a board and details the lengthy and intricate process involved in the design of the game. With previously unseen footage, Word Master also traces the remarkable story of the marketing of the game from its anemic launch to a commercial sensation, and from the inception of a dedicated and passionate Scrabble community to a game now played online by millions of people around the world.


Our Town: Suffield, Connecticut

Producer, Director

Our Town: The Story of Suffield, Connecticut is a documentary short (20 minutes) on the history of my hometown of Suffield, Connecticut to help celebrate the town’s 350th Anniversary. It is a beautiful New England farming town along the Connecticut River on the border of Massachusetts. We have spent the past year capturing Suffield and its historic Main Street homes as well as its sprawling tobacco fields in different seasons including drone shots coming up off the river over the treetops. The film will premiere at a kick-off event at the theater in Suffield High School in September.

Marco Frisina: The Power & Glory of Music

Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer

Marco Frisina: The Power & Glory of Music - This is a trailer/teaser for a feature documentary on this gifted priest and composer from the Vatican. He is a renowned Italian composer of Sacred and Liturgical Music as well an accomplished and award-winning composer of music for film and television. As founder and director of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome, he conducts concerts throughout Italy and in many other countries. He has only recently come to perform concerts of his work here in America where he is just beginning to become recognized.

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