Coolidge: Rediscovering an American President

Producer, Director, Co-Writer, Cinematographer

I am very excited to announce that we have begun production on a new feature documentary about the life and times of President Calvin Coolidge. The film is being produced for the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation in Plymouth, Vermont to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of his becoming President in 1923. Relatively unknown to people today, Coolidge was a popular if somewhat reluctant leader during a time of great prosperity and growth in a still very young country trying to define its own democracy. Hailing from a small village in rural Vermont to become Governor of Massachusetts and eventually Vice-President and then President, he walked away from re-election at the height of his popularity.


Word Master: Alfred Butts and the Story of Scrabble

Co-Producer, Cinematographer

Word Master: Alfred Butts and the Story of Scrabble is the definitive historical documentary about the life of Alfred Butts and his ingenious creation. Invented during the Great Depression, the film explores the circumstances of Butts’ life that motivated him to create a word game on a board and details the lengthy and intricate process involved in the design of the game. With previously unseen footage, Word Master also traces the remarkable story of the marketing of the game from its anemic launch to a commercial sensation, and from the inception of a dedicated and passionate Scrabble community to a game now played online by millions of people around the world.

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